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In this journey I’ve discovered some outstanding photographic artists.  Please explore their work further, they have added great depth to Scarlet Crosses.


Koki Jovanovic
When I saw Koki’s work, it took my breath away. Rarely does an artists entire portfolio appeal to me. So many of his images spoke to me, haunting my soul. I used many of Koki’s images in the quote boards we developed. The characters of Scarlet Crosses screamed from within the images he captured. Koki has a gift for capturing the raw emotion, the fear, the joy, the sorrow, the love of being human. When Scarlet Crosses is brought to the screen, I want this guy on the team.

Meredith Adelaide
Not only is New Yorker Meredith an amazing photographer, she’s also a model, actress, and musician. Many of her works are self-portraiture and I found myself mesmerized. While our friendship is young, she seems an old soul to me and a beautiful soul at that.

Anna Malguina
Transplanted in Italy, Russian born photographer Anna Malguina caught my eye quickly. She has a unique way of capturing the beauty of everyday life and everyday people. Must be something about Italians, even transplanted ones. Madonna, Lady Gaga, my partner… all Italians and all thrill my soul.

Susana Ramírez
Wow! This image. It says so much. Pain. Fear. Loneliness. Longing. Yet it says strength at the same time. It gnawed at me and I recognized a friend in this image by Spanish photographer Susana Ramirez. After you’ve read Scarlet Crosses, I think you’ll see her too.

Marija Savic
Serbian born photographer Marija Savic creates beautiful and vibrant images, capturing and working with the play between darkness and light. She is especially talented at capturing the beauty of the feminine and the strength and heart that lies within. She is a woman after my own heart. Between her and Koki (a fellow Serbian), I spent hours and hours engrossed in their portfolios. Must be something in the water there in Serbia. Whatever it is… it makes great artists.

Daring Wanderer
Canadian Daring Wanderer strives for the organic, the fleeting moments, straying from tradition and eschewing poses. She also seems to be a lover of life, able to capture beauty in things that many would view as mundane. It didn’t hurt that she’s from Toronto, a city I have reason to love.

Misha Gordin
Misha is an artist who has haunted me for years. When I saw his work years ago, it inspired me to write a poem of which I included a portion in Scarlet Crosses. His images are thought provoking and incredibly deep.

Simone Becchetti
And again, Italy plays into my world. Italian photographer Simone Becchetti is one of the most prolific photographers I’ve encountered. He has an amazing eye for capturing the heart of humanity and the esscence of being. Like others on this page, he share’s an ability to capture beauty by turning simplicity into sublime.