JBS is a Texan who spends most days hidden among the pines and oaks of The Lone Star State. Regardless of a degree in International Business, or an MBA accomplishment, JBS has learned the most valuable lessons through living with an open mind and compassionate heart. As an author and art lover whose foundations of poetry, acting, and producing have fed into the narratives that are explored, glimpses of JBS’ true passions can be seen. As a Christian, JBS’ desire is to live a life that portrays the all-inclusive love of God. Married and a parent of two young adults, JBS enjoys traveling with the family, studying architecture, history and all things Italian. With diverse musical interests and a passion for horseback riding in the everlasting Texas hill country the JBS story is still unfolding.

Words from JBS

Scarlet Crosses was born of dark days; an idea that kindled from within the ashes of the time. It grew out of being loved when I didn’t love myself; of being told I was worthy when I thought I was worthless. Scarlet Crosses was written to share a story of unconditional love and acceptance with a world that sorely needs it.

The past four years have been an amazing journey; eye-opening in many ways. Writing a story about a man’s transformative journey has, in turn, been transformative for me. I’ve grown and feel that I’m a better person today for spending four years of my life with Harris, Megan, and the others. They are friends of mine and I’m honored to introduce them to you.

Community Links

The metamorphosis of Scarlet Crosses, while transformative for me in many ways, has also been painful in others. I’ve learned things that have angered me and fueled my passion. The story today is vastly different than the seed that germinated in my mind in 2009. As the characters grew, they jostled for position. Old story lines faded and news ones were born. I didn’t plan to write a story that would highlight our broken criminal justice system that fails far too many women who are victims of rape and sexual assault. I discovered it during the process and it sickened me. I didn’t set out to tell a story that would shine light on the pain, abuse, bullying, and shaming that many in the transgender community, particularly transgender youth, face. When I learned the suicide statistics and read the stories of murdered transgender women, I cried. I didn’t embark with intention of being critical of some that share my Christian faith. I was shocked to see videos online in 2012 of pastors claiming to be Christian preaching hate from the pulpit. I was appalled to see it still occurring in 2016. God is love. Three small words never said so much. Period.

There are many themes throughout Scarlet Crosses that will be touch-points to reader’s individual stories. I have collected a few community resources that may help us all live better lives. We all have the opportunity to be angels. We can be there for them in their darkest hours. We can be a voice for many that out of fear remain silent. We can take a stand and try to change the world one heart at a time.

The Victim Rights Law Center (VRLC)

UN Women

The National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

RAINN (The nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization)

A Call To Men

Break The Cycle

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse

World Health Organization (Violence Against Women Media Center)

Human Rights Campaign

National Center For Transgender Equality

Trans Lifeline (Suicide Prevention Hotline)

For readers or others who have felt shunned and pushed away from God because of who they are, below are links to Christian churches and organizations which feel that God’s love is for ALL of his children. This list is not exhaustive and if you know of others within your community, please feel free to contact me with information. I know that there are many non-denominational congregations that are ‘come as you are’ organizations throughout the U.S. and the world.

The Episcopal Church

United Church of Christ

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

United Methodist Church (acceptance varies)

Metropolitan Community Church