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On August 1, 2016 | 0 Comments
Well … here we go. Social media and blogs for someone who for the past few years hasn’t been very ‘social’. Forty to fifty-hour work weeks to put food on the table and countless hours in between spent writing—and rewriting—hasn’t left much room for social endeavors. But,  as they say every journeys end is a new beginning. So, here I am writing a blog. First person, present tense. Honestly, I don’t like writing about myself. I’m not important. The story is. But the story is in Scarlet Crosses and this my blog. Sigh… here goes.
I’m old school and proud of it. I cut my IT teeth on an IBM 8088 and a command prompt. I distinctly remember the introduction of ‘Windows’. My first pc was cutting edge with 16K of memory ‘on the keyboard’ (known today as RAM). I used to be in sales and knew the location of every working payphone (working was key) and the choice locations of those phones within the shade of a tree. If you don’t know, I live in Texas. We wrote the book on hot. Most people don’t know this, but God original intended to banish Satan to Texas. Upon further inspection he decided to cut the old devil some slack and created Hell instead. I’m not convinced that during a scorching Texas August, Hell might feel like a vacation.
I had a pager when they were the hottest thing. My first cell phone had a carry bag and looked like something out of a Vietnam war film. All that said doesn’t mean I’m not technologically savvy. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. But being able to create and edit a video, manage complex databases with millions of rows of data, or implement software installations doesn’t necessarily translate into social media prowess. So as I said earlier, every journeys end is a new beginning and so it shall be for me and the world of twitter, Instagram, FB, and Pinterest.
Speaking of Pinterest… okay whoever created that site… I don’t know whether to hate them or love them. I could spend days there. So many little rabbit holes to dive into and completely waste a day, all while pinning away my dreams. It’s seriously addictive. And Yummly? Will you please stop? I’ve worked hard to stay thin. I have to watch my figure and you aren’t helping things.
So, J. Beckham Steele, what will you write about in your blog?
I’m not sure yet. I will try my best to keep them positive. We have enough negativity surrounding us every day. Now, that’s not to say that they will only be about rainbows, bunnies, and unicorns. Each of those has their strong points and will most likely be discussed at some point. But, reality is there is hate in this world. It comes in many forms. Hate and darkness are one in the same. To destroy them you need light and love. So I will probably point out hate when I see it and do my best to shine a little light on the subject.
So, join me here again. Same bat-time, same bat-channel (there I go showing my age again). We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. We’ll try to change the world—one heart at a time.
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